NSA Northern California is a GIANT!

Hello!  This is Kristin Arnold, NSA President – at least for now!  As I travel around to the chapters and to our sister international professional speaking associations, thought I would share a few insights, videos and kudos to the rest of our membership.

This past weekend, I was honored to speak to the Northern California chapter about adding “Facilitation” into the professional speaker’s services mix.  What a GREAT crowd with over 80 people in attendance in the morning!  They must have come for Michael Grinder who followed me on the platform.  Michael is absolutely AMAZING with pearls of wisdom about our non-verbal communications whilst on the stage.  Great information for advanced speaker and novice speaker alike.  Wish I had known this stuff when I was first starting out so I wouldn’t have to learn some bad habits….kinda like my golf swing!

And then another 60 or so showed up for the afternoon session for a NSA-NC veteran and founding member  – Rick Gilbert.  This session was sponsored by their “protrack” – and I think they recruited some new members to the chapter.

Check out NSA-NC as they share their enthusiasm for the World Series Champions:

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