Busy, Busy November!

What a whirlwind of a month!  Two chapter meetings, the NSA Board Meeting and Camp NSA – all got smacked together within the last two weeks!  Thank goodness for Thanksgiving to take a breather!  🙂

So here’s a recap:  In good ol’ southern tradition, NSA-Tennessee welcomed me with open arms on November 12-13.  Board dinner where they grilled me with questions about NSA (What’s the status of the Chapter of the Future Initiative?  ……).  They kept apologizing for asking great questions – and I kept telling them that’s why I am here!  You see, some folks had this feeling that NSA is a mothership buzzing around and they don’t feel too connected to what we are doing.  Hmmmm.  That could be a good thing for some – not so good for others!  I got the impression that they really valued the President coming in for a visit.  I was delighted to chat with them until there were no more questions!  But that also gives me a thought – perhaps we should add a FAQ posting on the blog too!  🙂

Delightful meeting the next day full of great learning and we did an impromptu “mastermind” during lunchtime while waiting for our lunch to arrive.  Think some of the best learning comes when one member tees up a question or issue he or she is dealing with and the group offers a variety of suggestions.   A big shout out goes out to NSA-TN President Van Richmond who was chauffeur, host, emcee, a/v tech, registrar AND all-around great guy.  NSA-TN is lucky to have him.

I never knew the NSA New York virtual chapter had actual face to face (F2F) meetings.  Yup, they do.  In addition to providing their members two teleseminars every month, they have two meetings a year.  The fall meeting this year was in Rochester, NY and they invited me to speak about NSA and my new book, Boring to Bravo.  Check out what they had to say:

What a great chapter!  With over 30 people crawling out of the woodwork (they don’t see each other much!) it was a pleasure to get together and share best practices to engage, involve, and inspire audiences to action.  And isn’t that what chapters are all about?  LOVE this chapter – and I highly recommend all those NSA members who live in remote locations to avail themselves of this community.  Of course, the President, Skip Weisman thinks he lives in a remote location, just two hours away from NYC, but that’s another conversation!  Tee hee.

The NSA Board meeting was wonderful (of course, since I was presiding!) starting out with an informal social time at National Director Kirsten Carey’s new restaurant, Nourish in downtown Scottsdale.  The next day focused on the Board governance model – fleshing out what “Volunteer Led, Staff Driven” really means, among other things.  I continue to be amazed at how well our Board works together – and we were delighted to have our new Board members, Brian Tracy CPAE, Ruby Newell-Legner CSP, and Liz Weber CMC join the ranks!  We capped the day off with a Board BBQ dinner in the Presidential Suite – just enjoying each others’ company in the cool Arizona breeze.

The next morning, we had breakfast with “the campers” – Camp NSA which is the training ground for chapter Presidents-elect.   Was great to mingle and get to know some of the up-and-coming leaders within NSA!  Then, it was off to the formal Board meeting where we discussed and agreed upon our operating and capital reserve requirements.

That evening, I invited the campers to the Presidential Suite where more bonding was going on….check out the pictures on Facebook!  Ha ha.

And, that brings us to today – the day before Thanksgiving.  I am off to see my family in Orange County, CA – and am very thankful for my NSA family.  Have a FABULOUS Turkey Day and hope to see you in the halls of NSA sometime this upcoming year!

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