NSA is in the News!

It’s been a busy month for Andrea DiMickle at NSA.  She’s our staff PR person – and she can add two more “top tier” notches to her belt for us!

First, we were cited this month in INC magazine in the article “The Art and Business of Motivational Speaking“.  In the article, they interview motivational speakers, speakers’ bureaus, and NSA’s EVP and CEO, Stacy Tetschner, CAE, to explore the different paths to becoming a motivational speaker and how speaking can be a person’s primary career. Check it out, see if you agree or disagree with the article and share your perspective in the comments section.

Then, yesterday, we were cited in the Wall Street Journal in an article called, “As You May Have Read in My Book“.  This article was about many entrepreneurs are writing books to establish credibility in the marketplace.  The article quotes NSA:  “The National Speakers Association, a trade group in Tempe, Ariz., reports that about 70% of its 3,200 members are authors and more than 60% earn $100,000 a year on average just from giving presentations.”

Just in case you were wondering where the reporter got that number, it is from the 2007 NSA Membership Survey.    She actually accessed the information on our web site and called Andrea who put her in touch with our CEO, Stacy Tetschner, CAE.  Ah, so that’s how it works!

And have a very happy new year with your family and loved ones.  I’ll be on a Mexican Riviera cruise with my family, celebrating my big 5-0 birthday.  🙂  Then, back to the office to hit the ground running for the new 2011 year!

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