NSA Keynote Lab “Keepers”

As I was boarding the plane enroute Las Vegas, Immediate Past President Phil Van Hooser, CSP CPAE called my cell phone.  “Kristin, I am so sorry.  I just can’t make it to Las Vegas.  The storm through Atlanta has shut down the airport.  Although I want to be there, I just can’t get to NSA’s Keynote Lab!”  I completely understood.  My son, Travis, who was home for the holidays was also trying to get back to college and AirTran had similarly cancelled his reservation.  So after I talked to Phil and rebooked my son on a direct flight out the next day on USAir, I started having visions of a mass exodus.  What about the Lab?  Would others be delayed as well?

I am delighted to share that come rain, snow, sleet, or hail, we had only a handful of people who couldn’t make the one and only lab we are offering this year!  With 146 people in attendance at the technologically sophisticated Meet Las Vegas, Rory Vaden and his faculty, Mark Sanborn, CSP, CPAE; Bruce TurkelMary LoVerde CPAE’ Jane AtkinsonDan MadduxMike Rayburn, CSP; and special surprise guest Brian Tracy, CPAE; rocked the house – which is only fitting for the city that never sleeps!

I usually take notes at professional development conferences, and then type them up as a way to review my “keepers” (thanks Terry Paulson, CSP, CPAE!).  I also add my action items on my “to do” list (I use Things on my Mac).  BUT – my husband, Joe Sherren, CSP, HoF bought me an Ipad for Christmas, and well, I used this Lab to get some dedicated practice time on the Ipad keyboard.  So…I took some pretty extensive notes and I thought I would share them with you!

So strap on your seatbelts for a whirlwind tour of the Lab!  (Full disclosure:  I was NOT in the room every single minute.  I didn’t take great notes during the showcase, activites).  I am NOT responsible for specific attributions, although a made an effort where it was clearly appropriate.)  Enjoy!

Opening with Rory Vaden:

At the beginning of your presentation, encourage Social networking by asking the audience to turn on your cell phones and do the following three things:  1. Take a picture.  2.  Tweet out #nsalab and 3. Email a friend

Branding with Bruce Turkel:

Customers don’t hire you for what you do – they hire you for who you are and how you make them feel.  So you need to market who you are.  Be yourself.  Everyone else is already taken – Oscar Wilde

Bruce Turkel “You are what you consume – the products we buy become the way we define ourselves.”

Websites with Bruce Turkel, Jane Atkinson and Mike Rayburn:

  1. Have a great website with your strongest marketing tool up front e.g. Video or book
  2. Get great photos and lots of them with different action shots
  3. Make it easy to navigate it and read – pull the reader into it.  Have the website lead them through the experience
  4. Have a great video – hook em in the first 30 seconds.  A video should grab them right away; Keep it simple. They should be able to see what you do and the audience loving it and edit it for the great stuff that pops!  Don’t give ‘em a reason to turn it off. Highlight your major points.  Get audience shots.  Don’t tell them what you do. Do it on the video!!!  Then, when you finish your video, start working on the next one!
  5. Less is more!!!!!!  Pare down the info on your website so they can read key phrases and triggers that answer the questions:  who what why where when
  6. Make it look exciting and professional consistent with your brand
  7. Get email addresses to pull into fan base and keep them there until they buy
  8. Do not post your fees

Spokes on lead generation machine. Put lots of lines out in the water!

  1. be out on stage
  2. direct mail
  3. public seminars
  4. bureaus
  5. nsa connections
  6. sponsorships

Sponsorships with Mary LoVerde

Look at key messages and tag lines.  What are the memorable phrases?  Tie in to a product or service that you admire/want to work for.  Who is their target market?  Can you solve a problem and/or genuinely make it real for them?  CREATIVELY contact them to show how you can help them reach their target market. –

Be Clear on Your Expertise Empire by Jane Atkinson

Confession:  I was too intent on thinking through what Jane was saying with respect to my own business to be able to make any notes that would make any sense to YOU.  So,you’ll just have to read Jane’s book, The Wealthy Speaker and/or give her a call, or meet up with her at another NSA meeting.  🙂

Client Focus by Mark Sanborn:

Determine what the client wants as the outcome.  It’s an opportunity to educate them about what you do and how you can help. Ask the client what the problem is, what the pain is, and what the value is in solving the problem.

Then, “reverse engineer” what would be a “hit” – what do you want them to think, feel, do as a result of this keynote?  What would have to happen? Then, based on what you have told me what your objectives are/on what I have learned, I suggest this program which will solve the problem…

Only three things you can do:

  • Lessen the pain
  • Increase the joy
  • On your best day, you can do both!!!!

People buy hope – an idea that will improve their life – what they can do to have a glowing future

Manage expectations with the client – be clear about what you do and what you don’t do

Position yourself as an expert first; speaker second.  Clients want to hire smart people who happen to speak.  Have a strong promise that is focused on them and is outcome oriented. Make your marketing copy about them first.

Be easy to work with.  Before you ask the answer is yes!

The only way you can be an expert is to succeed in that field.

Mark Sanborn: Truth never changes, context changes.  It’s how we apply the principles

Presentation Eloquence by Mark Sanborn:

There is no better form of marketing than a great presentation.

Keys to a successful Keynote:

  1. Begin with a strong premise
  2. Create the structure – strong opening to break preoccupation, then build out the what and how – end strong!!!  Design is dependent on the time. Don’t try to do too much!!!!
  3. More educated consumer – they don’t want to be talked at.  Have a conversation.
  4. Give enough content for them to internalize it
  5. Look at repertoire of material – what’s most important for you to achieve the objective?

Authenticity has never been more important to audiences . They are very discerning.

Be able to talk about your business in a concise way so that people get it immediately, remember it, AND can tell others

Rory Vaden:  Then, now, and how – give this formula in your speech

Preparation is the breakfast of champions. Preparation is the mark of a professional. An audience knows if you are prepared.  That you care about your audiences.  Respect the people who make your life possible.  If your love your audience they can sense it.

  • Entertainment is the tool – not the result
  • Anchor the familiar with the unfamiliar
  • Be relevant – noodle or stew a lot for the client
  • Have a broad bandwidth – come up with good questions that are interesting to you
  • Trap the listener to do their own thinking – adapted from a quote from Christopher Marlowe – “Trap the reader in their own thoughts”
  • Eliminate the excess.  Brevity is the essence of wisdom – mark twain

Presentation Pointers from the Faculty:

  • Be relevant helpful and provide edutainment.  Adults only learn if it is enjoyable with stories and humor.
  • Give something of value that they can take home.
  • Start strong to catch the audience and end strong with the audience being happy!
  • Opposite lines – whenever you ask a question, trick em into raising their hands and then drop a funny line as the third option
  • When people yell out an answer give them a name e.g. Thanks Sparky! (thanks for the idea, Brad Montgomery!)
  • After you have described a “truth”, concept or principle, ask the “you” question e.g. “When have you….”
  • Make fun of yourself first before you make fun of the audience
  • Pausing separate story, idea, important point
  • Pepper your speech with good, memorable, tweet-able phrases

Selling Product (in back of room)

  • Less is more
  • Reference product without direct reference – mention it
  • Present the products confidently in 30 seconds at end of program
  • Presell product
  • Send a book with every contract along with volume pricing page
  • Put “premium” in the contract for them to opt in or out of
  • Make yourself available for an autograph session versus book signing
  • Give x nr of books to distribute to key members in the organiation
  • Give your book out as prize

Post Presentation Critique:

Two magic questions to ask yourself immediately after your presentation:

  1. what did I do right?  Write down everything you can think of!!!
  2. What would I do differently next time? Both demand positive answers.

Review your notes often.

Review your presentation video:

  1. Watch it on mute  to check your gestures
  2. Fast forward to see if you have any nervous tics
  3. Watch it backwards
  4. Watch it regular

Mike Rayburn’s PotPourri of Advice:

  • Practice abundance vs scarcity thinking
  • Be really good and ask lots of people to buy. That’s it!
  • Think multiplicity – it’s never about just one booking – once you sign the contract, it’s about spin off and referrals furthering that relationship
  • Entertain your audience.  It’s the vehicle vs. the outcome- connecting with an audience and taking them somewhere
  • Study the entertainment side.  Learn from entertainers.  Ask, “What am I doing to maximize my entertainment value?”
  • If your speech is no good, everything else is like polishing a turd.
  • Word of mouth – great video on line with a link and have it on YouTube
  • Become a virtuoso. Make it a lifetime ambition to be the best
  • Spend every day maximizing your art form
  • Get lots and lots of stage time!!!!
  • Develop a sensitivity for what works and what doesn’t
  • Write and rehearse daily first thing
  • Get speech coaching
  • Read the book, The War of Art by Steven Pressfield
  • Be funny. Hire someone to punch up your speech.
  • Script your program and take out anything that is not funny or relevant take out the fluff. If you can say it in two lines don’t use five.
  • Get feedback. It’s the breakfast of champions. Although painful, you will be better!
  • Be sure to learn from the feedback.
  • Be the expert.  Know your topic inside and out.
  • Start a mastermind group for feedback, brainstorming, and support
  • Determine your highest value tasks that produce the greatest results.  Look particularly carefully at the office work
  • Being the best is the best way to stay booked
  • Learn a to sell yourself at the drop of a hat who you are and what you do.  We are always selling ourselves.  Embrace it
  • Know what your Unique Selling Proposition (USP) – what is it that you alone can offer – why hire me vs other speakers on the subject
  • Make the calls sales is a numbers game. Be willing to do the work
  • Figure out the accolades that serve you best
  • Know what you don’t do
  • Hire a marketing director or agent sales director. It is their job to keep you booked. They have the confidence to represent you on the phone and to answer objections as well as someone who believes in you.
  • Become a master of things that matter
  • Write down your goals every morning
  • It’s not a matter of if you can it’s about how bad you want it

Brian Tracy:  Make a commitment to be the top 10% of your field and do whatever it takes to get there!!!!  Invest 5-7 years to get there!!!!  The harder you work the better you get!

That’s about it for the Keynote Lab.  And there’s more to come at the NSA UnConference in Atlanta on February 18-20.  We’ll see you there!


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