LOVE our NSA Chapters!

This month, I was honored to visit NSA North Texas, NSA Mountain West and NSA New York City.

So let’s start with that grand ol’ state of Texas.  NSA North Texas gets the outstanding hotel award!  This chapter meets in the luxurious Omni Hotel where the doorman greets Chapter President Linda Swindling, CSP by name!  This Chapter has really raised the bar on pre-program promotions.  Check out Michael Hoffman and Tim Cocklin’s video here.  Gee whiz!  What a great idea!  And imagine if we could do this same kind of promotional video for our very own CLIENTS!

Christine Cashen, CSP was the warm up act with an absolutely hilarious improv/impromptu Pecha Kucha presentation. A traditional Pecha Kucha presentation shows 20 images, each for 20 seconds. The images forward automatically and the speaker talks along to the images. Alas, this was NOT a traditional PK.  Christine DID NOT KNOW what the slides were.  Instead, Linda Swindling selected the slides and Christine didnhad to build here presentation on the fly!  Christine is hilarious anyway, but her improv PK had us all rolling on the floor!

Couple of additional things that NSA-North Texas has in the bag – literally.  All first timers receive a gift bag full of “stuff” (e.g. products) that members donate.  And they make a big deal presenting it to them and making these newcomers feel welcome and want to come back for more! Shucks, I was a first-timer and I didn’t get one!  😦

I then journeyed on to NSA Mountain West where I attended the annual Chapter Past President’s Luncheon.  What a treat to break bread with those who have led the Chapter (Utah and Montana) in past years and to hear the “state of the union” from the current President, Jeri Mae Rowley.  This chapter is growing by leaps and bounds!  As Rob Reiner’s mother said in the movie, “When Harry Met Sally”, I’ll have whatever she’s having!

Chatting with Becky Sampson at NSA Mountain West

There are a couple of things that really stand out for me at NSA Mountain West.  They have forged a unique alliance withZion’s Bank.  They are allowed to use their penthouse conference room with a 180 degree view of downtown Salt Lake City and the surrounding mountains.  Breathtaking, to say the least.  They meet in the afternoon for an educational session (this month, it was a “Meet the Pros”) and then they tromp on over across the street to Lion House restaurant for a delightful dinner served up by the chef.  He takes great pride in his local ingredients and will share his savory recipes and techniques if you ask nicely!  The other benefit of having dinner at Lion House is they validate parking for them!  Such a deal!  And when they are done, they tromp back over to the conference room for an evening program.  This time, it was me, sharing some news from NSA as well as a program on how to integrate facilitation into your products/services mix.

I then ventured on to New York City where Board member Ron Karr picked me up from the Sofitel hotel (NYC gets the award for the priciest hotel) and took 15 minutes to go five blocks.  Okay, we would have walked but it was pretty cold and snowy outside!

NSA NYC has a vibe that matches the city.  Pulsing with energy, the chapter meets at the NYC Bar Association building – which is right across the street from the hotel.  Good thing as it was FREEZING that day!  But inside, you can feel the energy from a GREAT group of speakers.

This month, I get a break from chapter visits as we have our NSA board meeting and the UNConference from February 18-20th in Atlanta.  See you then!


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