Are You Going to the Global Speakers Summit?

Just made my final arrangements for the Global Speakers Summit with the theme of “The Power of Possibilities”.  The Summit is on April 14-16 in Noordwijk (outside of Amsterdam on the North Sea) and they say the tulips will be in full bloom!  And the program looks fantastic!

You might be thinking, well that’s fine, Ms. President that you go to represent NSA-US, but I don’t need to go.  Au contraire.  I have been attending the GSS since it’s inception – Singapore in 2005.  And I haven’t missed one since.  And won’t DREAM of missing them in the years to come.

Held every two years, the GSS is a unique gathering the global professional speaking community.  Some of us are NOT “global” speakers per se – hobnobbing around the world sharing our stories of information and inspiration – although many are.  Personally, I pretty much stick to the USA and Canada.  Hardly the international traveler.   But I LOVE the GSS regardless.  It shows the broader world, the context, the community of which we are willing participants.  I come back full of enthusiasm and appreciation for our profession.   And, let’s face it.  Traveling to another country, taking a tour with your fellow speakers (who also serve as tour guides) is a once in a lifetime experience.

My Mom, Dad and me at Thanksgiving 2009

This year, Joe and I are  taking my mom with us.  My dad passed away last spring, and my mom is always looking for an opportunity to travel!  Just booked the “tour” for a guided visit to The Hague and a Royal Tour along the palaces of The Hague.  Then we are going to have a leisurely lunch in the historical city of Delft and visit a Delft Blue factory.  (Did you know I used to sell fine china at a department store when I was in high school?) and a tour by boat of world harbour Rotterdam.

I am so excited about this year’s GSS and hope to see you there!

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One Comment on “Are You Going to the Global Speakers Summit?”

  1. I absolutely agree that GSS is a “not to be missed” event! See you in Noordwijk.

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