So You Think You Can Speak?

Of course you do!  Since are a member of the National Speakers Association, then you KNOW you can speak!  And for those of you who have been members for only two years, well then, we have an opportunity for you to showcase your talents at this year’s convention – Influence ’11.

Host Rory Vaden has asked each chapter to submit ONE and only one video from a rising star – someone who has less than two years in the speaking business.  He and his team will be selecting the finalists who will compete on the main stage program on Sunday evening, July 31st.  I know seasoned vets in this business who would kill to be on the main stage.  Here is your opportunity!

Check out Rory’s video for more information.  All you have to do is submit your video (don’t make it a science project – just some footage that shows how well you can speak!) to your chapter president by March 15th – just around the corner!  Chapter Presidents will be submitting names to Rory and his team by March 30th.

Good luck and we’ll see you in Anaheim this summer!

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