Pee Saw-Sa, PSASA, Professional Speakers Association Southern Africa

Seven days after the Global Speakers Summit, my husband, Joseph Sherren, CSP HoF  and I flew over to the Professional Speakers Association Southern Africa (PSASA) in Stellenbosch, South Africa.  30 hours from door to door, I am surprised that I didn’t feel the effects of jet lag – even in economy class!  A huge thanks to Brian Tracy, CPAE for sharing his secrets to combat jet lag.  (It’s all about a hot, hot bath!).

Presidents Wolfgang Riebe (PSASA) and Kristin Arnold (NSA-US)

This is the third time I have been to PSASA (two years ago for the GSS and the year prior when Joe was GSF President).  I continue to be amazed at the generosity and hospitality that PSASA has shown to us. (I pronounced this acronym as Pee Saw-Sa from the main stage – and they kinda liked it!)  It occurred to me that we could do a whole lot better to make our international visitors welcome at our convention.  I have a few ideas up my sleeve, and welcome your ideas, thoughts, and actions to welcome these folks.

PSASA President Wolfgange Riebe is a bear of a man, with a huge heart and hug for all.  He and his team put together a lovely program that highlighted international AND local talent at the Spier Winery in the lovely Stellenbosch wine region.  Yes, the wine was flowing – even before the convention began.  Cape Town native, Paul du Toit graciously hosted a wine tasting at FOUR premium wineries the day before the convention – capped off with a “spit braii” (otherwise known as a BBQ) at Wolfgang’s mansion overlooking Table Mountain.  Majestic indeed!  Aaaah, the South Africans certainly know how to entertain.  🙂

The International Community was well-represented at PSASA Convention 2011

And, more than a few folks from PSASA are coming to NSA’s Convention Influence ’11 in just a few short months.  We just passed early bird registration cut-off date, and I am proud to report that we are ahead of our numbers from last year!.  Yaaaayyyyy!  Hope to see you in Anaheim!

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