MAPS is on the MAP!

Kristin Arnold & Jonathan Low

The Malaysian Association for Professional Speakers (MAPS) Convention was quite delightful.

When I was there three years ago, the “convention” was an HR Summit – more of a showcase or fundraiser.  Not really sure what it was, but it had over 300 people in attendance.  Lots of traditional speeches from the main platform and not a whole lot of interaction with the crowd. I distinctly remember the dignitaries – NSA President, Mark LeBlanc and GSF President, Joe Sherren – sitting on comfy couches at the front of the room and lots of formalities.

This year was completely different.  President Jonathan Low and President-Elect Raymond Phoon have done an outstanding job bringing in fresh ideas and focus on the professional speaker.  Although there were only about 100 in attendance, they were the right people – either working level professional speakers or people who were seriously interested in entering the profession.  The programming was specifically tailored to the professional speaker (as opposed to the HR professional).

My hat’s off to the MAPS Executive Committee who bent over backwards to make sure we were picked up from the airport, taken to and from the hotel each day, and generally made sure all the international visitors were well taken care of.  And, you gotta check out this video by fellow NSA-US presenter Darren LaCroix – it chronicles our journey nicely!

I just hope the Americans can be as gracious as the Malaysians during our convention – Influence ’11!  Have you signed up yet?  I know that Jonathan and Raymond are going to be there.  You should be too!

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