More News from around the World: Last Stop Singapore!

From Malaysia, Joe and I hopped on a Firefly Airline flight over to Singapore with Scott Friedman, CSP.  Firefly is an efficient, and very well-run commuter airline that charges a boatload for extra baggage.  Who knew?  At the check-in counter, the line got back-up as we were trying to figure out how to escape the baggage fees.  Thanks to Scott’s brilliance (or lack thereof), we were able to successfully check MOST of it all through and hand carry the box of books.  Gosh, the things a speaker will do for a buck!

Atop the Marina Bay Sands Hotel in Singapore

I then had the opportunity to speak at the HR Summit 2011 at the brand spankin’ new Marina Bay Sands Hotel in Singapore.  Wild.  Three towers (57 floors each) with a gigantic surfboard serving as the rooftop pool bar.  An amazing feat of engineering with an equally amazing price for a martini…or a beer…or a glass of water!

After my speech, I had a book signing for Boring to Bravo: Proven Presentation Techniques to Engage, Involve, and Inspire Your Audiences to Action.  (Newsflash:  They still buy books in Singapore!)  Curious thing happened.  A gentleman came up to me and asked, “How come there aren’t more CSPs in Singapore?”  I was stunned by the question.  My initial response was, “Huh?” but then regained my composure to ask, “Um, what do you mean?”  He further explained that of all the speakers at the HR Summit (which is a mixed bag of professional speakers, industry speakers, and company muckity-muck representatives), the CSPs were BY FAR the best.  GOT TO LOVE THAT.

So for all of you wondering why you should get your CSP, there is your answer.  At least if you want to work in Singapore right now and the world!

Asian Professional Speakers Singapore President Time Wade and President-Elect Shirley Taylor were AMAZING hosts throughout our stay in Singapore.  We experienced an outside eatery (quite common, I am told) as well as a lovely restaurant for the APSS convention speakers – where the martinis were equally as expensive as the Marina Bay Sands.  And I thought it was the surfboard!  The APSS convention is just one day – but they pack in a lot of great programming in such a short time.  I was one of the opening speakers talking about the 7 Global Trends affecting Professional Speakers.  Good news is that the economy in Singapore is booming, so many of those trends I have been seeing worldwide are not a prevalent there.

We finished up the day with a CSP dinner (okay, Tim and Shirley came, but they should be getting their CSPs any day now!)

Tim put together a wonderful summary video you can check out here.

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