OHMIGOSH!  I just got through looking at the videos that were submitted for Influence ’11 “So You Think You’ve Got Talent” – and I am absolutely blown away by these folks!  Creative, funny, engaging, and inspirational.  You gotta check these videos out here.  I don’t envy the judges – they have an extremely hard job selecting the top SIX people who will be presenting in front of EVERYBODY at Influence ’11.

More news:  Have you read NSA’s latest book, Paid to Speak?  I devoured it this past week on a flight from Washington DC back to Phoenix – and I highlighted and dog-eared that book.  Even though I have been in the business for a few decades (but who is counting?), I found a couple of great “keepers” (A big thank you to Terry Paulson for making “keepers” a memorable term for takeaways!).  Better yet, this book is a fabulous resource for novice speakers just getting into the business or less than five years.  Great ideas and suggestions on how to build your business and be more eloquent from the platform.  Of course, the chapter on facilitation wasn’t too bad (yuk, yuk, cuz I wrote it)!  You can review the the first page of each chapter here.  Check it out!

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