The Final Six Contestants – So You Think You Can Speak?

Don’t know if you have been following the drama, but this is better than American Idol, the Voice, or So You Think You Can Dance?

Each NSA chapter submitted ONE Rising Star to represent them in a nationwide search for talent.  Twenty-three people vying to be NSA’s Rising Star.  You can see their video submissions here.

I must say, the competition was extremely fierce.  I’m soooo impressed with the talent we have in our new members!  The judges (Glenna Salsbury, Roxanne Emmerich, and Randy Gage) reviewed all the videos and selected six – ONLY six contestants – to move into the finals.    Narrowing it down to only six seemed almost cruel, but time constraints on the main stage are brutal and the judges HAD to get it down to six.   In fact, it was so close that four or five just missed out by a fraction of a point.  Heartbreaking! But the good news is that everyone is a winner – just going through the process getting ready for this, PLUS  the exposure on our website from your peers, bureaus and meeting planners is PRICELESS!

And the finalists are….(drumroll, please!)….Allison Massari, Eddy Mayen, Dick DurranceBruce Bright, Devin Henderson and Michael Williams.  Congratulations!

So You Think You Can Speak will undoubtably be one of the best sessions at the event.  Hosted by Rory Vaden, each finalist will have an opportunity to showcase three minutes of their very best material.  What the judges will be looking for is how they actually present to their target market, not them!

So hear’s the cool part: The different styles showcased combined with the feedback from the judges after each round will be extremely beneficial not only to the contestants, but everyone in the audience as well.  The whole convention will be amazing and will take at least five years off your learning curve.  If you have a spouse or assistant that helps you, I suggest you get them registered fast.  The youth program has already sold out with a waiting list, and seats are limited for the main event.

See you soon in Anaheim!  It’s only three weeks away!  Yikes!

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