Laura Stack visits NSA/Georgia

From the desk of NSA President, Laura Stack

Greetings from NSA Georgia, where a gala event was held on Friday evening, August 19, to give awards, celebrate successes, and transfer roles. I was pleased to induct the new board and welcomed Rich Hart as president! Dan Thurmon was honored with the chapter member of the year award AND the Kay Herman Legacy Award (their chapter’s version of the Cavett). Added to the CPAE he received at convention earlier this month, he had a lot of awards to juggle (see photo).

Dan Thurmon juggling all his awards!







Many legacy members came out for the festivities, and we were thrilled to have former NSA/GA member (now FL resident) Terry Brock visit the chapter. He was the winner of the Herman award last year and flew in to give it to Dan. Awwww! The chapter meeting was the following day, August 20, and you can check Twitter hashtag #nsaga for updates and tips from the program.

Terry Brock, Dan Thurmon and Laura Stack

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2 Comments on “Laura Stack visits NSA/Georgia”

  1. susanjryan Says:

    Looks like it was a great event! If Dan’s as good a speaker as it looks like he is a juggler, all is good in Georgia!

  2. Laura was amazing – totally fun induction ceremony and totally useful information at our meeting. Thank you, Laura!

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