Laura Stack Visits PSAUK

From Laura Stack, NSA President

I just returned from the UK after attending the annual Professional Speaking Association (PSA) convention, held this year in Coventry.  It was my FIRST visit to England, and we found

Big Ben

the Brits to be warm, gracious, and helpful!  Like you, I accrue many frequent flyer miles, and was thrilled to have enough miles to take my husband John and 16-year-old daughter Meagan with me.  Congratulations to Graham Jones, now past president, on a great convention.  Looked to be about 100 in attendance, which is fantastic for a membership of 250.  Derek Arden is now the PSA president–congratulations Derek!

Our US colleagues were well represented, and they were thrilled to have us there.  Janelle Barlow, Global Speakers Federation (GSF) president, gave a great presentation analyzing Obama’s speech devices at the GSN (Global Speakers Network) breakfast, as well as a general session update from the GSF.  NSA board member Monica Wofford was the luncheon keynoter, and Terry Brock was the closing keynoter.  I was privileged to present a concurrent session on “Mastering the World of Professional Relationships in Professional Speakers.”  Terry, Janelle, Graham, and I were also the judges for the “Speaker Factor” competition the opening evening, judging four finalists from the four regions/chapters in England, very similar to the “So you think you can speak” event held at the Anaheim convention this year.  The finalists were all evenly matched, so it was a difficult decision, but it was a great lesson for everyone as we dissected what they did well and where they could improve.

If you’ve never been to England and are interested in my personal photos of London, Coventry, and Stratford-Upon-Avon, check out my photo album here .  We flew into London, but Coventry, where the convention was held, is in the middle of England.  So these photos chronicle all the places we visited en route!

We learn they party hard, eat late, drink a lot of tea, call elevators “lifts,” and drive on the wrong side of the road!

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One Comment on “Laura Stack Visits PSAUK”

  1. Graham Jones Says:

    Thanks Laura – so glad you had a great time. We do party hard, but we learn a lot too…! Thank you for taking the time to come over to the UK and for your session which went down really well. Much appreciated.

    Now….what’s all this about driving on the wrong side of the road….? I thought that’s what you did….!

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