CAPS Convention Nov. 27-29, 2011

From Laura Stack, NSA President

Our Canadian colleagues sure know how to put on a great convention—even though the timing was difficult on Thanksgiving weekend!  Congratulations to convention chair Sunjay Nath and president (now past-president) Ravi Tangri for an incredible event. I just have to say the food was some of the best I’ve had at an NSA event.  The opening reception featured a carving station, and the final gala had steak and lobster!  (Of course, registration fees are higher than in the U.S.)  But more impressive than the food was the quality of the speakers.  I loved seeing so many of our NSA colleagues from the U.S. on the main stage: Alan Weiss, Mark Sanborn, Mike Domitrz, and Scott Ginsberg. Canadian speakers included Cheryl Cran plus Warren Evans facilitating a panel.  CAPS asked me to do a 2-hour workshop on creating a killer brand, so I was privileged to provide that session.  The opening flag ceremony was especially meaningful for me, as I carried the U.S. flag proudly—#2 in line behind the Canadian flag.  Other NSA VIP attendees included past president Kristin Arnold, president-elect Ron Culberson, and GSF representative Lenora Billings-Harris.  I

Laura Stack, NSA President, bearing the US flag at the 2011 CAPS Convention in Toronto, Ontario.

brought my husband, John, and teen daughter, Meagan, with me, and we had fun visiting the CN Tower and shopping at the huge Eaton Center.  The closing reception was lovely, with a special room for CSP/CPAE/HoF members.  I was privileged to sit at the right hand of Ravi, to experience his closing banquet and accolades (see photo of Ravi surrounded by adoring fans).  Bob Hooey was awarded the CAPS equivalent of the Cavett award, so it was special being there to see his joy and acknowledgment of all he does for CAPS, and NSA as well, actually.  There was plenty of wine and dancing, and a merry time was had by all.  If you’ve never been to a CAPS convention, I highly recommend NSA members make the short trek north and give it a try in 2012!

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One Comment on “CAPS Convention Nov. 27-29, 2011”

  1. Thanks for your compliments on the CAPS Convention Laura!

    I sat in on your session and it was great. Really enjoyed it and learned a lot. Come back again!
    CAPS Toronto

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