NSA President @laurastack’s Global Travels

As NSA president, I’ve been privileged to travel to four international speaking conferences so far, in Germany, Great Britain, Canada, and France. I am still amazed by the potential that exists for an explosion of professional speaking in parts of the globe currently underexposed or completely unexposed to date.

NSA has had, is having, and will continue to have a huge impact in supporting the proliferation of professional speaking around the world. When I was in France I attended a great

Laura Stack at the FPSA Board Dinner

conference orchestrated by French Professional Speakers Association President Pascale Pailhe. I also spent time at the home of Christine Morlet, who will be the first French representative to receive her CSP this summer at the NSA convention. Compared to the U.S., speaking isn’t nearly as mature in the French market, where “keynotes” are largely the domain of professors and politicians. I initiated a dialogue with our French colleagues and helped them discover that professional speakers aren’t just keynoters. They were surprised with the statistic that only 25% of our NSA/US members identify themselves as “keynoters.” We spent time reframing professional speaking as keynoting, training, facilitating, coaching, emceeing, and even consulting – anything that uses the spoken word to present content to an audience for a fee.

In my travels to our sister associations within the Global Speakers Federation, or GSF, I’ve seen first-hand the enthusiasm of our international colleagues. They are excited to grow the profession. Many are hearing for the first time the story of our founder Cavett Robert and his message about creating a bigger pie, instead of fighting over the pieces. It’s this giving, sharing Spirit of NSA that distinguishes it from other professional associations. As a reminder, if you are a member of NSA you are automatically a member of the Global Speakers Federation and are part of this global community of speakers. You have an opportunity to participate in the GSF events and website. Make sure you’re listed at globalspeakers.net. The GSF provides great support for strong ethics around the world.

I’d like to close with an invitation to all our international friends to attend the National Speakers Association convention this summer in Indianapolis. Come and discover everything you need to know to create a bigger global pie and spread the influence of professional speakers around the globe!

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